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There are many reasons for someone to want a metal gate at the entrance of their property over a wooden gate and vice versa.


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to both that you may not have thought about.




  • Can be less expensive than wooden gates
  • Easier to maintain than wooden gates: very low maintenance, not requiring re-coating of paint or stain.
  • Strong and secure: Metal gates are very strong but also light when made out of aluminium.
  • Durable
  • Blend in with their surroundings
  • Metal gates are powder coated and treated to withstand harsh costal environments
  • But in the unlikely event you damage a metal gate, it’s not as easy to replace like a piece of timber, the gate is welded together making repairing very costly.




  • The natural look of wooden gates make them a beautiful addition to your home
  • Timber gates look very organic without loosing style
  • Uniqueness – No two wooden gates the same!
  • Hardwood gates are strong and durable
  • Wooden gates are a status symbol
  • Wooden gates require more periodic maintenance than metal gates: Timber can last a long time but you will need to keep up the maintenance (example re-staining timber every 6-12 months). A well maintained timber gate will last a very long time. Repair work is easier on a timber gate due to the fact that the timber is screwed to the gate and you can make a timber gate look as new just with a coat of paint!


If you trying to decide between metal and timber, you may like one of our professional installers to come to your home to guide you through the process of what would be best for your home.


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